Our Story

Ark Coffee was started by friends Beat and Bev who bonded through good coffee. Beat likes dinosaurs while Bev likes Winnie the Pooh. When they’re not doing coffee related activities, they like to climb mountains and play music. They work with a team of passionate baristas who enjoy caffeinating others and themselves.


is an archaic term for a huuuuuge boat that’s big enough for many. In our voyage on this Ark, we hope to invite people onboard to join us on adventures with coffee and friends! It is a place where people drink lots of coffee, grow and share life. Drop by our takeaway bar for to get adequately caffeinated! :p


is now a routine, pleasure and necessity for us and many people around the world. We think coffee is amazing because it transcends people groups, cultures and generations. There’s something for everyone!

The Ark Team

We are passionate about our craft and products, and aim to deliver them with care to you. Ark Coffee gives us the privilege to work with and meet so many people, giving us many opportunities to make every interaction count. Good coffee gathers crowds, and the heart of Ark Coffee is building relationships as we value and love the people that we come in contact with through coffee.

When we first embarked on this voyage, many people in the community walked with us and invested in us and our coffee journey. We now hope to be able to do likewise.