Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Coffee Catering

We work with local specialty coffee roaster Prodigal Roasters, and other specialty coffee roasters who love their coffee. They roast to make you love it too!

The beans we brew with are specialty grade Arabica coffee. If you like, chat with us and we’d be happy to recommend a coffee for your taste preference!

We serve espresso based coffee at our mobile coffee carts – Espresso, Long black, Flat white, Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha.

Yes! Although we really enjoy caffeinating humans with our first love – coffee – everywhere we go, we understand that not everyone wants to be caffeinated. We provide alternatives like matcha latte, chai latte, hot chocolate and teas for the non-caffeinated.

Your coffee is handcrafted and freshly brewed at your event. A good cup takes time, but surely worth the wait! With our trusty equipment and professional baristas to brew and manage the crowd, we are able to serve 100-150 cups an hour.

We head out in teams of 2-4 baristas, depending on the scale of your event.

There will be an additional charge for cold drinks as more logistics and preparation are involved. You can consider our Grab & Go table to beat the heat!

We offer free coffee tasting sessions when you enquire about our Coffee Catering Services. Reach out and we’ll arrange for a session!

You may also check out our Coffee Delivery to get a bunch of our chilled handcrafted beverages for your home or events.

Orders and Delivery

Your order is confirmed once payment is made. A confirmation email will be sent when we receive payment. If you’ve made payment through PayNow or FavePay, you will receive your confirmation within 24 hours.

We accept PayNow, FavePay, credit card or bank transfer.

Available delivery dates and time can be picked at checkout! 🙂

If you would like delivery on the same day, you could try ordering our drinks and food on GRABfood.

Our handcrafted brews retail at minimum 6 bottles/order.
Other products like coffee beans and drip bags are available for purchase too. 🙂